Get Involved

Advocacy works best when AMI members are engaged. In numbers we can make our voice heard. Here are a few ways you can get involved with AMI's government relations work. 

Join AMI's Legislative Committee 

The committee is open to all AMI General Members and members of affiliate trade associations.

Attend the American Boating Congress

The American Boating Congress is the premier venue to make your voice heard as a member of the marina and receational boating industry.

Engage in Boating United and BoatPac

Boating United is a grassroots effort to strength the Boating Industry's vocie in Washington DC. Contribute your voice.

Contribute to AMI surveys

Ever wonder where AMI gets the data we use to describe the Marina Industry? Well, it's from you, your contributions make our voice stronger. 

Professional Marina Resource Guide

The Professional Marina Resource Guide is brought to you as a service of the Association of Marina Industries (AMI). All companies in the Guide are members of AMI. This guide merely serves as an informational resource to allow marina industry representatives access to other professionals in the industry who can provide desired products or services.