CMM/CMO Reaccreditation

Annual re-accreditation process:
To ensure an accurate and credible list of CMMs and CMOs in good standing and encouraging continued professional development in the marina industry, CMMs and CMOs are required to complete the following on an annual basis:

  • Complete the equivalent to 10 hours of marina-industry training annually. IMI will accept hours from most educational offerings such as training, workshops, conferences or post-secondary schooling.
  • Submit a professional profile for posting on the CMM networking website.
  • Payment of an annual re-accreditation fee.
  • Maintain active AMI/ IMI (international) membership (either individual or through your marina)
The annual re-accreditation is an important step to ensuring that all CMMs and CMOs who have reached the pinnacle of marina management continue to represent yourselves with the highest levels of professionalism.


Professional Marina Resource Guide

The Professional Marina Resource Guide is brought to you as a service of the Association of Marina Industries (AMI). All companies in the Guide are members of AMI. This guide merely serves as an informational resource to allow marina industry representatives access to other professionals in the industry who can provide desired products or services.