Affiliate Collaboration

AMI and MTA staff work together to develop and implement an annual task plan that sets priorities and builds a collaborative process for making progress on these goals. Each affiliate will be offered a seat on the AMI board of directors, ensuring that they have a voice in the future direction of AMI.

Specifically, the MTA and AMI will collaborate on:

  • Programs and projects that support and promote marinas and recreational boating
  • Growing their affiliate membership — and thus AMI membership — through joint membership drives and development of joint materials, the latter to include case statements on return on investments and other case studies
  • Tracking legislative needs as they relate to federal action
  • Bringing AMI training and events to the affiliate’s location or having their members attend AMI national courses and events
  • Developing content for training and education programming that can be used by both the affiliate organization and the AMI organization
  • Cross promotion of both organizations