AMI Benefits

Legislative Voice and Support:
AMI acts as the voice of the industry at the national scale by tracking national legislation and policy development, communicating regularly to the membership about relevant actions that may affect them and working with lobbying partners — such as the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) — to selectively take action to ensure the industry’s needs are being considered. AMI also supports its affiliate partners by providing a national voice to the state-specific issues on which they are working. In the past, these have included boat taxes to boating education, electrical requirements, Army Corps of Engineers concessionaire fees, abandoned boats, licensing for copper bottom paint application, and dredging. AMI holds seats on the boards of the NMMA and the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and sits on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Boating Infrastructure Grant review panel.

Professional Training and Certification:
The International Marina Institute (IMI), AMI’s training arm, offers world class professional development opportunities to the marina industry globally. They are offered at the discounted membership rate and can be attended either individually or in groups:

  • Marina management training courses and certification include the Intermediate Marina Management Course (IMM) and the Advanced Marina Management Course (AMM) — individuals who complete these courses and who also meet requirements for marine industry experience can apply to earn the title of Certified Marina Manager (CMM) or Certified Marina Operator (CMO)
  • Annual Southeast Florida Marina & Boatyard Study Tour
  • One-day topical conference
  • CMM/CMO retreats and roundtables
  • Annual International Marina & Boatyard Conference – the marina industry conference!

Economic and Industry Data:
AMI continues to create economic impact reports for the industry that can be used at the national and state level. This includes the continued expansion in the economic calculator, wage rate survey, financial benchmark report, and other surveys and reports that directly support members’ needs.

Industry News and Resources:
AMI keeps you updated with the latest industry news through our weekly email NewsWatch; monthly e-newsletter, the Advocate; and timely Action Alerts. Meanwhile, our library of resources and publications provide AMI members with the most useful and relevant industry data and trends information.

Affinity Programs:
AMI has a list of programs that can help your members reduce business costs. These include Petroleum Card Services, APPI Energy, Preferred Payments, Gallagher Insurance programs.