Marina 101

Pre-registration required: $125 (AMI Members) / $150 (non-members)

Marina 101 is a three-hour marina industry introduction course on Monday, January 30, 2023, from  8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. It is geared toward those individuals, with little or no marina experience, looking to get into the industry by way of an advancement opportunity, career shift, or an interest in purchasing or developing a marina.
The Marina 101 course includes six individual presentations, created and presented by Carl F. Wolf, CMM, CMI and former president of the International Marina Institute. The session offers an inside view of the various aspects of marina operations. Presentations cover the topics of day-to-day and seasonal operations, maintenance, emergency preparedness, long-term planning, financial reports, and the various roles of a marina manager.

The topics that will be covered during this session: 

  • The Daily Challenges of Managing a Marina on a Day-to-Day Basis;
  • A Marina Manager's Daily Assessment;
  • Daily Challenges of Marina Maintenance;
  • The Ugly Side of Deferred Maintenance;
  • A Summary on Emergency Preparedness; and
  • Seasonal Preparedness.

Speaker: Carl Wolf, CMM, CMI, Marina Operations, LLC

World-wide, Carl is the only person with the dual designation of Certified Marina Manager (CMM) and Certified Marine Investigator (CMI). Carl has 40 plus years of wide- ranging experience in the marina and boatyard industry; offering successful background in profitable marina and boatyard operations management; consulting; facility development; and site assessments. Carl is employed by Robson Forensic, Inc., specializing in marina and boatyard facilities. Roberson Forensic is a national leader in expert witness consulting, providing technical expertise across many fields, such as the maritime industry.

Working with the AMITraining Institute and the University of Wisconsin, Carl has taught and presented on numerous occasions on various marina and boatyard issues. He is a charter CMM member, and has taught a number of times at the IMI’s Marina Management program, which is a prerequisite for the CMM certification. Carl is one of the Co-editors of the IMI’s first edition of the Marina Operations Manual, a standard in the marina industry. In 2016, Carl authored the Marina Policy Guidelines manual.

Carl is a contributing writer for Marina Dock Age magazine. His articles center on various marina operations and issues facing the marina industry.