AMM Highlights

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE COURSE INCLUDE:                                                                

  • Marina profit-center management                                                                                                       
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marina-operations techniques
  • Marina law, contracts and liabilities
  • Facility design & retrofits
  • Improving the quality and value of marina services
  • Best profit ideas
  • Business strategies and financial management
  • Financial Benchmark ratios and analysis
  • Marina marketing, promotion and pricing
  • Learning from other facilities and their managers
  • Team lead case study with presentation to local facility managers and owners
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers.

  • Over 40 contact hours of formal lectures presented by leading experts
  • Roundtable discussions on timely & critical topics
  • Best profit idea presentations by participants
  • Recreational and social activities
  • Marina/boatyard-industry networking
  • Re-development case study of a local marina as part of a team, resulting in a re-design an operational marina

Mark Amaral, Jim Frye, CMM, Dennis Nixon

For more information send email to: or call (401) 247-0314.

Professional Marina Resource Guide

The Professional Marina Resource Guide is brought to you as a service of the Association of Marina Industries (AMI). All companies in the Guide are members of AMI. This guide merely serves as an informational resource to allow marina industry representatives access to other professionals in the industry who can provide desired products or services.