Brian Wade

Brian Wade
After 19 years in the non-profit world, Brian’s personal philosophy is to offer people life, hope and the possibility to experience the life of their dreams. These three areas encompass his life’s mission and purpose personally as well as professionally.
Brian can be best described as insightful, easy-going and leadership oriented. These qualities are what make him an effective and engaging trainer.
What makes Brian special is that often attendees enjoy his ability to make difficult concepts seem easy to understand and applicable. Beyond the content, attendees will feel he identifies with them and their unique struggles. He has received numerous awards in academia including Most Outstanding Student. This provides his attendees a unique opportunity of learning from someone who understands effective learning techniques.
Brian’s perspective is generally unique which creates a teaching style that is different from others. For 19 years, he taught multiple times a week on material many of the attendees were familiar with, but after the course, he would often hear that his take on the subject was something they had never heard or thought of before. He is very relatable and conversational in his approach to teaching.
To help attendees retain the information taught, Brian likes to break down concepts into small actionable points. In those small actionable steps, he helps to encourage attendees to build confidence that a specific change is possible.
Industries of Experience:
- Non-Profit Organizational Leadership
- Consulting
- Keynote Speaking
Some of his areas of expertise are public speaking, leadership, communication and training the trainer.
Discover how far new knowledge can take you with Brian and the courses he facilitates. What you learn from Brian will help you boost your career options, develop your skills and confidently take on a variety of exciting new challenges.
Brian Wade is an experienced professional who has completed a rigorous certification program from Pryor Learning to ensure he offers real-world experience in the courses