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CMM Certification

Marinas run by CMMs are the most professional in the business and training is the key!  See why you should either hire a CMM or frequent their marinas!

Certified Marina Manager (CMM) Value Statement
CMMs represent the elite in the marina and recreational boating industry. They value true personal and professional excellence and strive to maintain the highest levels of ethical and moral conduct in their commitment to the marina industry. CMMs have a deeply-rooted respect for the environment and recognize their role in keeping it safe for boaters and the communities that support them. CMMs are marina professionals who have completed an extensive training and certification process through the globally recognized International Marina Institute (IMI) and embrace the continuance of education and training for themselves and those who work within the marina industry.

Benefits of Being a CMM        
1. Greater Earning Potential. CMMs have the reliable knowledge and experience to make them more valuable to marina owners who crave the kind of quality and reputation only the best marinas have. CMMs are projected to earn an average of 20% to 45% more than their colleagues, based on experience in other service industries and the results of AMI’s annual wage rate survey.

2. More Job Opportunities.  Employers seek the best-qualified managers for marina properties. They demand that applicants be Certified Marina Managers to ensure investors, bankers, insurers, and customers that their marina properties are run as professionally as possible. Your CMM designation gets you to the top of the resume pile.

3. Career Advancement and Job Security. Marina owners and investors see CMMs as being aggressive, qualified, professional, and more committed to a career within the marina industry. CMMs are recognized as being most up-to-date in the latest procedures, techniques, industry regulations, and requirements–a most marketable collection of assets.

4. Job Satisfaction and Ability. Managing a marina requires more than knowing about boats. Feel confident in your skills and ability. Whether you’re talking about personnel issues, healthcare options, or fire and safety regulations, gain the knowledge to give quick answers or know where to get the answers to the everyday situations that can slow others down.

5. Networking with Colleagues. CMMs have one of the tightest professional networks in the world and regularly share tips and information with one another, ensuring that each is up to speed with the latest technologies, processes, and regulations. The knowledge a CMM receives through this network makes him/her a highly qualified, respected, and able manager.

6. Instant Recognition. Once you become a CMM, you’ll feel confident that the people you want to impress– employers, peers, bankers, investors, etc.– will know you’ve distinguished yourself as an outstanding professional. Professional certification is, after all, a highly prized mark of distinguished achievement among practicing professionals.

 The CMM qualification process assesses the following real-world abilities:

  • Financial management.
  • Sales and marketing management.
  • Understand the regulatory obligations of the marina business.
  • Successful bottom line management.
  • Evidence of high character and ethics standards.
  • Supervise and manage people.

IMI is proud to offer its coveted Certified Marina Manager (CMM) certification. Marina businesses have evolved into sophisticated, capital-intensive, and highly regulated enterprises that require top professional management. The CMM deisgnation provides a doorway to greater earnings potential and professional recognition. CMMs complete rigorous education and training developed by the national and international marina industry and must meet specific experience requirements.

Prerequisites include:

  • Graduation from IMIs Intermediate Marina Management and the Advanced Marina Management programs.
  • AMI membership, either directly or through your employer. Also, you must be actively engaged in at least one other marine- trade organization.
  • Five years minimum experience in senior management in a qualified national or international marina of a facility that has more than 100 slips (wet and dry combined) OR $1.0 million in gross revenues.
  • Applicant must meet 18 of 26 points as defined within pages 5-7 of the CMM application.

How do I apply?

For more information, email [email protected] or call (401) 247-0314.