Worth the Investment!

We know time away from your facility and funding for professional development can be hard to get approved by your supervisor or organization. That is why we offer this ROI Toolkit to assist you in convincing your superior that the Association of Marina Industries Conference & Expo is worth the investment. It’s easy to use these tools, and we hope they help you present your case. 

Cost Comparison: The Value of Attending AMI's Conference & Expo
The association industry standard for the cost of a stand-alone webinar is between $100 - $125 for members. Participating in multiple webinars can get expensive. But at the Association of Marina Industries Conference & Expo, you can participate in 10 educational sessions (almost 10 hours of learning)—a $1,250 value—for the member rate of only $424 ($524 for non-members). That’s over $1,200 in savings on education alone! And, remember with all of that knowledge, you also get multiple in-person networking opportunities and access to over 130 of the industry’s suppliers.
($125: Average cost of a webinar (x10 (# of seminars)) = $1,250)

$399: AMI member registration fee includes:
  • Ten educational sessions (almost 600 minutes) – a $1,250 value.
  • Two lunches – $100 value.
  • Four refreshment and networking breaks – $100 value.
  • Three evening receptions with hors d'oeuvres – $250 value.
  • Exclusive exhibit hall access. The hall has historically featured over 140 companies.
  • Complimentary bag with conference program filled with AMI's Conference & Expo gear and sponsored products.
  • Admittance to all receptions and networking socials.
  • Admittance to product demonstrations.
$1,700: Total Value
-$424: Actual member cost
$1,276: Actual member savings!