Why Attend?

The Association of Marina Industries Conference & Expo is the best place to receive professional development and updates on current topics, issues and trends and to network with your peers. Highly informative seminars, an exhibit hall with over 170 booths, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities to make important connections create an priceless and invaluable event. Here are four reasons why the AMI's Conference & Expo is not to be missed:


  1. Value: The Association of Marina Industries Conference & Expo is the leading marina and boatyard conference. It is geared specifically towards marina and boatyard managers, owners, and operators as well as dockmasters, harbormasters, boat builders and repairers, and industry consultants. The conference has over 25 educational seminars presented by top industry professionals and well regarded speakers from other industries. It also brings together over 120 of the industries vendors and suppliers. Things get done here! 


  2. Great minds DON’T think alike: You need new ideas, new solutions and new methods to thrive in the marina industry. The best way to get them is to interact with other marine industry professionals facing similar challenges.


  3. It’s all about your connections: If it’s not clear by now it should be; your network is the key to getting things done. Whether you’re looking for a new supplier, experienced experts, or someone with an “in”, you can be sure you’ll meet the right connection here.


  4. Prepare for the future: Get ready now for the future by being prepared to lead yourself and your organization to success. With live demonstrations and seminars, you will see the latest tools and knowledge that the marina industry have to offer.