Upcoming & Recorded Webinars

August 4, 2021, Noon - 1:00 PM EST - Wi-Fi Demystified: How to Make the Right Wireless Network Decisions for Your Marina
Garrett Datz, SC&H Technology Advisory Services

Simply providing convenient guest Wi-Fi for your slip holder and transients is no longer enough, yet, figuring out how to effectively provide robust wireless service is more complex than ever. Getting Wi-Fi deployments correct anywhere is difficult and marina deployments have historically been complicated. Join Garrett Datz, Senior Manager at SC&H Group, as he digs into why that is, what questions you should ask as you explore your options, and how to make the best business decision for your Marina. During this session, we’ll discuss the:

  • Changing demands and expectations of your customer
  • Unique difficulties of Wi-F deployments for marina environments
  • Key components necessary to get your network and guist WiFi right
  • Different standard models of owning and deploying Wi-Fi
Garret will also share a real case story about how one marina successfully solved their Wi-Fi issue and modernized their offerings from start to finish. As you marina grows, users, devices, and applications increase, and you strive to meet customer demans, the need for a prime wireless network is nonnegotiable. Now is the time to step up your wireless capabilities, register today to learn how to get started.

September 8, 2021, Noon - 1:00pm - Cybersecurity Awareness: Mitigating Risk at the Intersection of Technology and Business
Jeff Bathurst and Anthony DiGiulian, SC&H Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Proactive businesses, irrespective of industry, realize that cyber aggression will occur at some point, especially today, where the use of the internet is at an all-time high (and trending upward). Insufficient security can lead to financial, reputational, or customer loss – but reducing your risk and understanding how to respond is possible. Join Jeff Bathurst and Anthony DiGiulian, Directors at SC&H Capital, to learn how to:
  • Establish robust technology security that supports growth
  • Proactively protect your marina against cyber-attacks
  • Elevate your ability to detect and respond to attacks when they do occur
  • Remediate vulnerabilities before they are exploited 
A robust cybersecurity strategy has become a prerequisite to the success and profitability of the modern business. Are you ready to take the necessary steps to mitigate your risk?

June 15, 2021, Noon – 1:00 PM EST – Marina Revenue Acceleration Course: Inventory Mix   POSTPONED
Leveraging the knowledge of experts from across the hospitality industry, TWG brings you a three-part course on maximizing revenue at your marina. Each webinar will be dedicated to exploring one of three major levers to influence your marina’s revenue: PriceOccupancy, and Inventory Mix.
This is the third in a series.


Recorded Webinars:
July 13, 2021, Noon – 1:00 PM EST – Understanding Your Marina’s Economic Impact
Eric Kretsch, AMI Legislative Coordinator, and Alan Hodges, the principle in the development of AMI’s Marina Economic Impact Calculator, will explain why evaluating your business’s economic impact is so powerful. The speakers will explain what economic impact analysis is, showcase some of the data collected on the recreation industry, and provide a tutorial of AMI’s Marina Economic Impact Calculator.

June 8, 2021, Noon – 1:00 PM EST – Fire Safety for Marina Operator Session 3 with Fire Boat Academy
Picking up where we left of Tony Carli from the Fire Boat Academy will bring the most up-to-date information on marina fire safety. Including what the code requires, how to communicate with your local fire department and fire response planning.

May4, 2021, Noon – 1:00 PM EST – Marina Revenue Acceleration Course: Occupancy

SpeakerMeghan Keaney AndersonMeghan Keaney Anderson
Leveraging the knowledge of experts from across the hospitality industry, TWG brings you a three-part course on maximizing revenue at your marina. Each webinar will be dedicated to exploring one of three major levers to influence your marina’s revenue: PriceOccupancy, and Inventory Mix.

April 13th - OSHA update for Marina Managers and Operators
Speaker: Robert Smith
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s COVID-19 requirements have changed since the 2020 boating season. AMI and Fisher Phillips are offering this informational webinar free to AMI members. This event will cover the most recent changes to federal rules and the most recent guidelines. Get up-to-date to make sure you comply with the new changes.

January 13th  - Update on OSHA COVID-19 Enforcement with Fisher Phillips
Speaker: Robert Smith
Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president on January 20, 2021, and the impact on workplace law will be significant. President-elect Biden has provided us with clues (some subtle, some very blunt) relating to the ways his administration would approach labor and employment law issues, and there is the potential for massive changes related to COVID-19, OSHA enforcement, an increase in federal minimum wage, paid leave, and health care. This session will provide a preview of potential changes so businesses may begin to plan accordingly.

November 4th - Fire Safety for Marina Operators Session 2
peaker : Tony Carli

Join AMI and Fire Boat Academy for a webinar series on marina fire safety. In our second webinar with Tony Carli from Boat Academy we will cover:
  •  fire liaison
  • working with local Authorities Having Jurisdictions
  • training and training records for your employees

November 11th - Pandemic Impact on Small Business, where are we?
Paul Kanitra, Founder and President of Lobbyit.com and Mayor of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, will discuss the state and impacts of coronavirus on small businesses throughout the U.S. The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on small businesses, and Congress’ attempts to support them have had mixed results. Paul will examine the impact of current and future pandemic legislation.

October 28th - ADA Design Regulations for Boating Access
SpeakerBill Botten, US Access Board 
Design regulations and requirements of boating access facilities 

Bill Botten
serves as the Training and Technical Assitance Coordinator at the U.S. Access Board. The Access Board is an independent federal agency that develops and maintains accessibility guidelines and standards for the built environment, transportation venhicles, telecommunications equipment, and information technology under the Americans with Disabiities Act (ADA) and other laws. Botton an Exercise Physiology graduate from the University of Kansas, join the Access Board  in May of 2000. His training experience includes hundreds of presenations over the last 30 years to local, state, and national audiences on injury prevention, disablity awareness and sensitivity, and accessiblity issues. 

October 7th - Fire Safety for Marina Operators Session 1

Speaker: Tony Carli

Join AMI and Fire Boat Academy for a webinar series on marina fire safety. In this webinar Tony Carli from Fire Boat Academy will cover:

  • Fuel dock concerns, prevention-suppression-environmental
  • Dockhand training – What is expected?
  • Electrical Shock safety
  • Live-aboard fire prevention and safety
  • Evacuation planning vs. shelter in place

Tony Carli started the Fire Boat Academy in 2007. A former Boatswain Mate in the Coast Guard, he recognized the need for formalized marine training in the Fire Service . A Committee member for NFPA's 1925 Standard on Marine Firefighting Vessels since 2012, Tony has proven knowledge in the industry. Throughout his career, he has earned numerous certifications in both leadership and instruction. For 24 years, Tony has held a 100 ton Master's license. A firefighter since 2000 and current Chief of Department in Everett Massachusetts.

March - Don't Let Your Company Go Up in Smoke: Testing for Opiods & Cannabis in the Workplace
Speakers: Robert Smith and Travis Vance (Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions)
What Employers Should Know. The legalization of some drugs such as marijuana at the state level provides a challenge for employers trying to follow federal regulations for worker safety. In addition to legalization, federal regulations related to drug testing procedures have also recently changed. In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Should the company have a drug testing program?
  • Should the company drug test pre-hire?
  • Should the company test for marijuana pre-hire? What happens if you do?
  • Can you test for alcohol pre-hire?
  • Can you drug test after an accident?
  • How can you prevent opioid use and addiction?
  • Can you be sued if you do not test for marijuana?
  • Can you be cited by OSHA for a deficient drug testing program?