Let's get started on setting up your booth.

You will want to include as much information as possible to support your goals of lead generation during the event.  This includes digital marketing pieces, links to documents or white papers included on your website, and videos.  These items must be sent to the conference organizers who will liaise with the SpotMe project manager to set up your booth. 

The deadline for submitting this information is January 4, 2021.
  Our goal is to open the event for an Exhibitor Launch week beginning January 11, 2021.  This will give you an opportunity to view your booth, and all Conference & Expo booths, ahead of the official opening to provide time to make final changes to get your booth just right!

To complete your booth, please complete the fields in this Booth info template.  Download the template, save and send the completed template, along with your company logo, banner, and digital assets to be included in your booth (following the specs listed below), to Kayce Florio at kflorio@marinaassociation.org and copy Juan Ortiz at jortiz@marinaassociation.org. 

1) ICON logo-this will be the logo that shows up in the virtual Exhibit Hall 

 600 X 600 (72 pixel minimum), in PNG format with a transparent background, minimum   72 pixels. This will be the first visual of your company at the event so make   sure the file is of good quality and clear.

2) Booth banner-this will be the header to your virtual booth and most prominent place for your branding


1000 x 150 (20:3 ratio) (72 pixel minimum) - PNG or JPG for events on all platforms.

3) Company name and description
We recommend around 70 words / 500 characters max.  Focus on keywords that will come up in the search function, including product categories.

4) Website Link - Your company URL

5) Company Representatives - Not to exceed 6 profiles
First and last name and emails of your organization's representatives. They will appear on the page and be linked to their app profiles once added.  These should also be the points of contact for conference organizers.  All reprsentatives will be given a link to log in during exhibitor launch week.  At this time they can add to their profiles including head shots, LinkedIn information, and short bios, if desired.

6) Social Media Links - URLs for LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

7) Company Contact details

physical address, email address, and phone number.

8) Digital Assets
These are the items you would like included (displayed) in your booth. 

  • PDF documents
    Use Smallpdf optimize the size of your documents while maintaining quality.
  • MP4 Videos
    Need to be 100MB maximum in order to upload them. For larger videos, use tools like Handbrake to compress the video size so it meets the upload requirements (see our video compression recommendations). You can also host the video online on YouTube or Vimeo or alternative sites and provide links to these videos if you prefer.  In some cases you may need to provide a dropbox share link if you are sending a video or any other large digital files
  • Other links
    Any other relevant URLs to online content.