Culture, Messages, and Work Life Balance For Creating A Legacy

In today’s market, it can often be challenging to find and hire great employees who are the right fit for your business culture. It can be equally challenging to shift the perspectives of long-term employees to embrace changing marketplace needs and expectations. For extra pressure, add to that everyone’s focus on achieving work-life balance! Different styles of employees perceive messages in quite different ways. Managers must know how to navigate employee styles as they build and sustain culture expectations. In this breakout session, Debbie Mason will build on her keynote messages by highlighting specific ways for leaders to learn how to discern what messages powerfully resonate with employees, inspiring them to be engaged and accountable.

Speaker: Debbie Mason, APR, CPRC, Fellow PRSA‚Äč, PresidentStrategists, Inc.

As President of Strategists, Inc., Debbie Mason is passionate about guiding organizations to achieve greater effectiveness through training and consultation in governance, development, branding, marketing, public relations, planning,
organizational development and research services. Known as a keen strategist and ideator, Debbie works with large-scale community planning projects, as well as individual corporate, government, foundation and nonprofit clients. Debbie is a licensed
Psycho-Geometric™ trainer, an authorized partner and certified trainer of the DiSC® assessment tools, Accredited facilitator of Patrick Lenconi’s Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and a BoardSource trained facilitator.
Debbie Mason’s 35 years of experience in management of brand, communications, marketing, sales, development, advocacy and planning spans the sectors of agency, corporate, automotive and healthcare experience at local, regional and national levels
prior her transition to the nonprofit and consulting sectors. Her experience includes creating small business and large corporate brands from the “ground up,” to rebranding complex multi-corporate entities.
Prior to establishing her firm Strategists, Inc. in 2002, Debbie was the founder and president of Mason Strategic Communications (MSC), a communications agency founded in 1995. The agency had offices in Fort Lauderdale and Gainesville, Florida
and was one of Florida's largest independent agencies, prior to its sale. Before founding MSC, Debbie served as the (first ever) vice president of corporate communications and then as vice president for the office of the chairman for JM Family Enterprises, Inc., one of the nation's largest privately held corporations (ranked in the top 25 by Forbes, with $13 billion in revenue and more than 4,000 employees across the nation.) At JM Family, she rebranded the parent corporation and its more than 20 subsidiary
companies, developed and managed the resulting communications (media, community, partner, etc.) for all stakeholders, led the company through significant crisis response situations (largest chemical spill in Florida, congressional hearing, state license
revocation challenges and several dozen high profile law suits), while establishing and managing the charitable giving strategy - which preceded the family foundation. Before joining JM Family Enterprises, Debbie held senior executive positions in the
healthcare industry for a decade managing research, strategic planning, branding, marketing, customer service, communications and sales for hospitals and a variety of healthcare systems and holdings in major metro markets across the United States.
Debbie’s nonprofit positions have included: CEO of the Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County; President and CEO of United Way of North Central Florida; and Chief Marketing and Development Officer for the United Way of Broward County.