Day 2 Breakout Sessions

7:30 am – 8:45 AM
Inaugural Women’s Leadership Breakfast, Gail Alofsin, Leadership at ALL Levels, Moderator; Panel Members: Katheryn Burchett, EVP of Western Operations, Safe Harbor Marinas; Michele Goldsmith, Vice President, General Manager, Soundings Trade Only Group; Courtney Chalmers, Vice President of Marketing, Boats Group and Kathryn Ross, Regional Director, Suntex Marinas; Sponsored by Sea Land Insurance

Get life lessons from women who have found their voice and propelled their careers in leadership, marketing, operations, management, and media in the marine industry. Join Gail Alofsin, Leadership at ALL Levels, as she leads an inspiring discussion with four female leaders whose experiences will illustrate how they advanced through their careers. The panel will answer previously submitted questions and share stories about how they built their personal brands, became leaders in the industry, and helped others rise to their potential.

Join this dynamic group of industry leaders and learn what it takes to exude an executive presence while being authentic and true to your core self.

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The P3 Framework.  Your Personalized Perseverance Project!, David Atkins, No Excuses
David will take a deep dive with you into his newly created framework and work together with you on the three pillars of his Personalized Perseverance Project. 
1. Crafting a Vision
2. Positive Mindset
3. Sense of Urgency
Participants will leave feeling empowered with actionable items to immediately level up their life!

Unlocking Value in Marina Operations - A Roadmap for Success and Exit Planning, Josh Koplewicz, Thayer Street Partners & Taylor Kushner, Grove Point Marinas; Sponsored by Grove Point Marinas

Do you have a clear strategy for capital planning over the next three, five and ten years? How will those efforts impact your ability to exit when the time is right? Join marina investor Josh Koplewicz and owner/operator Taylor Kushner in discussing how to create a capital strategy for success and drive more value at exit.
 In this interactive session, we will discuss:
  • Capital Strategies for Success:
    • Short-term strategies for improving ongoing maintenance, streamlining financial operations, and meeting evolving customer demands
    • Medium-term strategies for executing infrastructure projects, creating new alternative streams, and expanding your marina's offerings for customers
  • Capturing More Value at Exit:
    • You’ll hear what investors are looking for when they acquire marinas, how to operate and position your marina prior to considering a sale, and what financial levers you can pull to increase your value.
    • As marina operators, understanding how to maximize the value of your business when the time comes to exit is paramount.
Evaluation of the Upper Limits of Extreme Hurricane Events and Their Impacts on Marinas, Leonard Barrera Allen, Cummins Cederberg, Inc.
Hurricanes are a major threat to coastal communities, and marinas are particularly vulnerable due to their low-lying location and high concentration of boats. The frequency and intensity of hurricanes have been increasing in recent years, due in part to climate change. This has led to an increased need to evaluate the risk of extreme hurricane events and develop strategies for mitigating the damage they can cause.
This seminar focuses on a site-specific study where a numerical model was utilized to evaluate the impacts of hurricanes approaching a marina site from different directions on a ‘worst-case’ path to understand the sensitivity of storms’ impacts and gain an understanding of the upper limits of impacts at the site.
One way to evaluate the risk of extreme hurricane events is to use numerical modeling to assess the impacts. This information can be used to develop risk-based design values for critical marina infrastructure.
Re-igniting Your SPARK: The Power of Purpose, Gail Alofsin, Leadership at ALL Levels
Join Gail as she keeps the conversation going from the Women’s’ Leadership Panel with her session on the Power of Purpose. 
How great is it to feel a “spark” within you? That boundless energy causing you to spring out of bed in the morning, eager to embrace the day ahead? It is the feeling of being connected in your life, personally and professionally — living with intention and fulfillment.
Personal and professional performance in your life is enhanced by purpose. We all have moments when we need our “spark” rekindled, aligning our personal values with our daily activities and actions.
Let’s explore seven strategies to put “purpose into practice” — welcoming purpose to our activities and life for 2024 and beyond! It’s GO Time!
10-Minute Marketing Plan, Marine Marketers of America (MMA) Board Members; Sponsored by the Marine Marketers of America
Join creative minds and leaders in the marine marketing space to learn tips and strategies for creating a simple and effective marketing plan. Whether you have 10 minutes or two hours a week to dedicate to marketing, this session will offer strategies for building your customer base, social media presence and brand.
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Building a Lasting Brand: Building a Great Culture and an Amazing Boating Experience, Brent Wierson and Dan Nelson, Stellar 

Building a lasting brand starts with having a great team. Employee retention is important in a marine business because it can help to reduce costs, improve safety, build customer relationships, and increase productivity. By creating a positive work environment, offering opportunities for growth and development, and recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions, marine businesses can improve employee retention and reap the benefits that come with an amazing culture that leads to a better overall boater experience. 
Building a lasting brand also means driving the most value from your boaters, which includes making sure you are providing a safe affordable product and providing an amazing boater experience. In this session we will cover innovative ways of providing an amazing boater experience both on and off the water.
Creating and Executing Market-Leading Boating Experiences: Learn From the 4 Seasons, Jordan Ivey and Mike Hartman, former head of development and management, Perry Hotel & Marina and A&B Marina

The hospitality industry can provide valuable insights and innovative ideas for the marina industry,
especially in offering market-leading experiences to attract and retain guests.
By analyzing the top strategies of a luxury hospitality company such as the Four Seasons Hotels
 and Resorts and adapting them to the marina industry, we can “up” our game when it comes to
 delivering exceptional service, understanding the evolving boater expectations, and creating a
 guest-centric culture within marinas.
 During this session, we will explore how:
  • The Four Seasons creates opportunities for exceptional service through strategy and best practices.
  • Guests are seeking a more personalized and convenient experience.
  • Prioritization of alignment towards a guest-centric culture is key to customer loyalty.
Natural and Nature-Based Features, Tyler Hackett, Dewberry

Gray infrastructure for shoreline protection and resiliency has become taboo in recent years. As such, many municipalities and marinas want to take the approach of “working with nature”. Utilizing and nurturing wetlands and marshes can aid in the protection of assets, attenuate waves, morph and adjust to sea level rise, and create habitat for juvenile fish and other wildlife. This seminar will evaluate some of the major criteria when it comes to designing nature-based solutions. We will also evaluate the different typologies and look at case studies and demonstrate how marinas can work with nature to achieve their goals and promote habitat.
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m YOURS! The Seven “Non-Negotiables of Customer Service, Gail Alofsin, Leadership at ALL Levels

What your customers do not tell you is more important than what they do. Yet so many companies ignore the glaring emails and aggravated customers, settling for mediocre. While advanced communication both streamlines and complicates our lives, these seven customer-service “non-negotiables” will transport you and your team to a new level of service. Drawing on over two decades in the hospitality industry and as a leader in the customer service arena, Gail shares her passion and best practices for service leadership that will keep your internal and external customers coming back for more!
What’s up with the Fed? Updates from Congress and the Administration, Casin Spero, LobbyIt and Eric Kretsch, AMI; Sponsored by Meeco-Sullivan

Join Casin Spero from and Eric Kretsch, AMI Legislative Coordinator, for a session detailing the current landscape in Congress and the Biden Administration. The presenters will discuss the Clean Vessel Act and Boating Infrastructure Grant funding, the latest on Army Corps lake and river leases, right whale speed restrictions, and more. The session will close with learning about how you can be involved in advocating for the marina and boatyard industry.
LobbyIt is AMI’s current representation in Washington, D.C., on all federal matters and works closely with AMI to identify legislative actions that will impact your business day-to-day.