Grant Programs

Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (BIG)
This program provides funds to States for the construction, renovation, and maintenance of public boating infrastructure tie-up facilities for transient boats 26’ or more in length. The program is designed to provide transient dockage for recreational opportunities and safe harbors, as well as to:

  • Enhance access to recreational, historic, cultural and scenic resources;
  • Strengthen community ties to the water’s edge and economic benefits;
  • Promote public/private partnerships and entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • Provide continuity of public access to the shore; and,
  • Promote awareness of transient boating opportunities.
Under the National Boating Infrastructure Grant Program, two types of grants are available, referred to as "Tier I" and "Tier II." Tier I grants are grants of up to $100,000; Tier II grants are those of more than $100,000. Applications are submitted to the states.

Boating Access Grants
Provides funds to state fish and wildlife agencies for distribution to projects that provide access to our waterways by developing new access facilities, or renovating/improving existing facilities. This program also has a 75-25 match requirement. Funds are predominantly used for construction of boat ramps and associated parking lots, but can also be used for amenities at access site, marina construction, and education programs. Anything built with these funds must be opened to the public.

Clean Vessel Act (CVA, Pumpout Grant Program)
The grant program is established under the federal 1992 Clean Vessel Act. The goal of the Clean Vessel Act is to make pumpout stations readily available and significantly more convenient for recreational boaters and marina operators.. This grant program provides a 75%-25% matching grant for the installation and or renovation of marine sewage pumpout stations.

Funding is available to marinas (private, commercial, residential and municipal), gas/service docks, fish houses/seafood dealers, and other boat docking facilities.

Eligible grant activities include the construction, renovation, planning and engineering for pumpout stations, including necessary piping to connect to the marina sewage system. Modification of existing on-site septic systems is allowed provided that such a modification is necessary to handle the additional flow generated by the pumpout stations. Repair and/or replacement of pumpout and dump stations damaged or destroyed during storms is also an eligible activity.

Other Grant & Incentive Programs

Small Ship Yard Grant Program
Brownfield Assessment and Cleanup Grant Programs
Energy Efficiency Tax Incentive Programs
Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program
Work Opportunity Tax Credit