Sponsor Products

All sponsored products are either handed out directly to the attendees or included in the 800+ attendee bags.

Name Badge Holders - $5,000  
This sponsorship offers an excellent advertising opportunity at the conference. Each attendee receives a name badge holder at registration and is required to wear it throughout the conference,  The convenient little pockets are great places to store credit cards, IDs, and hotel rooms keys. Attendees will appreciate having these available to them.

Conference Bags - $5,000 

Each attendee receives an official conference bag. These bags are used by all throughout the conference. This sponsorship offers premier placement of your company logo on these reusable bags that will continue to circulate well beyond the end of the conference.

Hotel Room Keys - $5,000 
Place your logo on all attendee room keys at the host hotel 

Reusable Water Bottle - $3,500 
or Reusable Cup - $2,500 
This highly visible sponsorship will ensure your brand gets to the attendees. Attendees will use these bottles and cups to stay hydrated at one of the many water coolers stationed through the conference and exhibit hall.  They are reuasable and can continue to be used at the workplace or at home, giving you brand exposure beyond the end of the conference.

Elevator Wraps at the host hotel - $3,000
Wrap the elevator doors in the hotel lobby with your logo and marketing message.

Have another idea?  Let us know and we are happy to make it work!