Kathie Mayo

Kathie Mayo believes that through hard work, confidence, and commitment, people can achieve almost anything. By focusing on positive growth and change, she teaches others to believe in their dreams and never be afraid of failing. For Kathie, watching people gain confidence in their abilities is the most rewarding aspect of her career as a trainer and facilitator. 

Kathie has found that by valuing her participants’ thoughts, beliefs, and opinions, she can create an enriching, inspiring learning experience for them. She incorporates humor, real-world examples, and her own life experiences in management, consulting, and customer service. By sharing her own mistakes and what she learned from them, she creates an atmosphere of camaraderie that facilitates discussion, participation, and accelerated learning. 

Kathie makes it a point to help attendees apply what she teaches to their own personal situations. Her presentations offer people the chance to develop tools for fostering positive growth and change that can be used long after the seminar has ended. 
Training topics in which Kathie specializes include management and supervision skills, administrative and telephone skills, human resources, customer service, managing change in the workplace, diversity, conflict management, problem solving, and finance. 
Kathie is a professional consultant, trainer, and coach who has brought her unique brand of training to many of the nation’s top corporations. She is renowned for her ability to deliver specialized training that results in goal achievement, career advancement, and exceptional growth — both personal and professional. 

Discover renewed confidence as you achieve greater career success and personal empowerment through Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack courses facilitated by Kathie. You’ll tap into a wellspring of potential you never knew existed! 
Kathie Mayo is an experienced professional who has completed a rigorous certification program from Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack to ensure she offers real-world experience in the courses she facilitates. She maintains her proficiency through industry-specific research, attending advanced seminars and collegiate courses, and communication with other experts in her field. 

Education Background and Professional Memberships: 

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and journalism from the University of Maine, in Orono, Maine 
  • Master of Business Administration degree in sales and marketing from Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts 
  • President, American Telemarketing Association, New England Chapter 

Industries of Experience:
  •  Telecommunications 
  •  Consulting 
  •  Finance 
  •  Customer service 
  •  Journalism