Keynote Guy Smith

Guy Smith 

Guy Smith has a passion for helping people and organizations discover and unleash their possibility.Guy has worked in a variety of companies and industries, including Hospitality, automotive, Retail, and Healthcare. 

His passion for customer service began with his career with The Disney Organization, where he worked for 18 years Leading the Disney University and the Disney Institute.   Later, Guy worked for Texas Instruments and Methodist Hospitals, where he helped them adapt some of the Disney approaches to serving its guests.  Guy’s most challenging assignment was when he was the Sr. VP of People Strategies at Correct Care Solutions – a correctional healthcare organization.  There, he and his team were tasked with helping to strengthen the leadership and service delivery of doctors and nurses in a correctional setting. 
In 2006, he co-founded The Smith Factor, a company dedicated to helping leaders and businesses reinvent themselves from the inside out -- not just making incremental improvements but achieving powerful, sustainable, breakthrough results.

The Road to Service Excellence

 Successful organizations from manufacturing to hospitality realize that the client/customer experience is the competitive advantage.  However, there are still many who struggle to appreciate the connection between success and customer service.  Intellectually they may understand, but operationally they consistently miss the mark. The 1-hour presentation and breakout session are designed to enable the participants to create a customer experience that is best in class.  They will be introduced to ideas, tools, and best practices as well as have an opportunity to further explore the topics and how to adapt them to their environment.
At the end of the 1-hour Keynote presentation the group will be introduced to: 
  1. Break their Success Patterns
    • Breaking our patterns of automatically doing and being and opening ourselves to possibility
  2. Creating a Customer-Centric Culture
    • This is where everyone in the organization understands how service excellence is business as usual
  3. Built it for them
    • Knowing what your customers want and build it for them
  4. Everything Speaks
  • Attention to details + exceeding expectations = Service Excellence