Leadership, Team-Building and Coaching Skills

AMI is partnering with Fred Pryor Leadership training to deliver this world-class leadership workshop

Speaker, Brian Wade

Gain winning strategies for leading your team to excellence
Monday, January 30, 2023
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
$295 (members) $345 (non-members)
(Lunch provided)
  • Team members most often leave because of the manager and not the job.  Be the manager that your team wants to work for and grow with.
  • Forward-thinking managers have discovered the same skills coaches use to create winners in athletics work in a business setting as well. This innovative one-day team-building seminar is designed to teach you powerful employee coaching methods to turn even problem employees into super productive, motivated winners!
  • Make your team members want to give 110% — for themselves, and for their team.
  • You'll instill the kind of energy and enthusiasm that makes productivity soar. How? Supplement your own managerial abilities with compelling employee coaching and counseling skills and watch the incredible results.
  • This team-building seminar will teach you step-by-step, how to produce a manager's "game plan" to ensure you'll reach your goals and objectives. Plus, find out how to maximize every employee's ability … and uncover strengths and talents you never knew existed!
  • Transform your work group into a cohesive, coordinated team!
  • Imagine how much your team could accomplish if it functioned as one well-organized unit. This team-building training shows you how to pull everyone together with a shared drive and purpose.
  • Invest just one day of your time, and the benefits of employee coaching will change your life as a manager; you'll witness an exciting synergy among your employees, mutual support within your group, a sense of interdependence and exchange and, most of all, incredible productivity from your team as a unit.
The want-to-win attitude: How to Build It
Strategy and planning essentials for managers/coaches
How to coach your team
Coaching and counseling the problem player
How to handle a coaching/counseling session
Coaching superstars: how to be a manager and a mentor