Legislative Committee

AMI's Legislative Committee guides the overall advocacy and data collection efforts of AMI, by directing AMI staff. The Legislative Committee's primary goals for 2018 are to:

  • Conduct annual survey to identify and select legislative priorities
  • Conduct annual survey aimed at defining policy problems and finding solutions
  • Develop issue papers that clearly communicate AMI's positions on issues of importance
  • Maintain improve and update AMI's survey tools so they continue to gather relevant data to members of the marina industry
The Committee is made up of both AMI Board and General Members. Committee members commit to three in-person meetings a year along with regular engagement via email and phone throughout the year. The Committee is open to any AMI General Member; members are encouraged to engage and represent the marina industry. If you are interested in joining the committee contact Eric Kretsch, AMI's Legislative Coordinator at EKretsch@MarinaAssociation.org or 202-350-9623.

Current Legislative Committee Members

Rick Chapman, Sunnyside Marina, Midwest Marina Association
Denise Kiely, Carter Lake Marina
Jeff Rose, Safe Harbor Marinas
Ray Fernandez, Bridge Marina
Mick Webber, HydroHoist Marine Group
Kevin Thompson, Bellingham Marine
Chris Petty, Suntex Marinas
Chris Dolan, Marina Electrical Equipment
John Chiazza, USI Insurance Services
Alex Laidlaw, Westrec Marinas
John Swick, Safe Harbor Marinas
Ryan Miller, Cottonwood Creek Marina, Marina Association of Texas
Kevin Lussier, Charlestown Marina
Andrew Holzem, South Bay Marina