Legislative and Economic Outlook

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Legislative and Economic Outlook for the Marina industry
Speakers: Eric Kretsch, AMI Legislative Coordinator & Jason Ortega Lobbyit.com
Congress will start a new legislative session in 2021, and the boating and marina industry, by and large, had an extremely successful and profitable year. In this session, we will look back at 2020 at the pandemic's impacts, and look ahead to 2021and highlighting AMI's legislative priorities. There will be an opportunity to voice your concerns and discuss the policies that impact your business with AMI's legislative staff. In this session, we will cover:
  • Insights from the 2019 and 2020 Marina Economic Outlook Report
  • A look at the pandemic's impact on small business and marinas
  • What can we expect from Congress in 2021?
  • AMI's legislative priorities
  • How you can be involved

Eric Kretsch, AMI Legislative and Outreach Coordinator
Eric Kretsch is the US Legislative Coordinator for the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) located in Warren, RI. He has held this position since September 2016 and primarily works on AMI’s Legislative priorities in Washington DC with industry partners and AMI’s contracted lobbyist, LobbyIt. Eric also coordinates AMI’s economic data collection, analysis, and reporting, including the recent Marina Economic Impact Study, Marina Economic Outlook Survey and Industry Financial Benchmark Report.
Eric has experience speaking at AMI’s International Marina and Boatyard Conference (IMBC) and the Marina Association of Texas (MAT). While at the University of Rhode Island to obtain a graduate degree in Coastal and Marine Policy, Eric worked closely with Dennis Nixon teaching Introduction to Marine and Coastal Law. His graduate research led him to present at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC on the importance of climate change adaptation leadership in complex port systems. Recently, Eric spoke at the International Boatbuilders’ Expo and Conference (IBEX) and the Wisconsin Marine Associations annual conference.
Jason Ortega, LobbyIt

Jason Ortega is a government relations professional at Lobbyit, a boutique lobbying firm situated on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Jason initially joined Lobbyit as an Intern in the fall of 2014, and though he spent the following year away from Lobbyit to serve as a Policy Assistant at Monument Advocacy, he returned to Lobbyit in 2015 to direct resource management activities and assist with client engagement. In addition to his advocacy experience, Jason practiced law with a real estate due diligence law firm in Columbia, Maryland and served as a senior aide to a candidate running for an open seat on the D.C. City Council.

Jason has risen through the ranks at Lobbyit and is now a Vice President, providing expert counsel and professional advocacy services to a diverse grouping of organizations. He is currently responsible for a broad portfolio of clients, including industry associations, institutions of higher education, and corporations, directing their government relations strategies on a range of domestic and international priorities. Working collaboratively with his clients, Jason engages our nation’s leaders in Washington to address policy shortcomings affecting his clients and their respective constituencies. His efforts have resulted in the passage of legislation and alterations to Executive Branch regulation and administrative policy and have established strong bipartisan relationships throughout Capitol Hill. In addition to his legislative and regulatory responsibilities, Jason provides a strong presence within the firm’s business operations hierarchy, working in every aspect of the firm’s management from business development activities to managing strategic partnerships.