Lessons on Teamwork: How We Took Our Marina From a “Row Boat to a Luxury Yacht”

Marathon Marina is proof positive that through a unified effort, from the owner down to the newest “yard dog,” a facility can rise from the ashes and soar into the future as a shining star, if the team shares a common goal.  Success has been based on a culture of recognizing every team member for their talents and prior life experiences, and embracing those talents regardless of their position, to stay on course and meet the goals. This session will be full of new ideas and innovations creating a roadmap to the ultimate customer experience, being a part of an inclusive marina “community.” Success in developing this community starts from creating a team culture of responsibility and ownership of the goals of the marina, and bringing out the best in everyone.  Learn how leadership laid the groundwork for creating the ultimate team.

Speaker: Susan Prichard, General Manager, Marathon Marina