Marina 101 - "Walk the Docks - First Impressions" Tampa Area Marina & Boatyard Study Tour

Marina 101 - "Walk the Docks - First Impressions"
Tampa Area Marina & Boatyard Study Tour
One week, one trip, multiple events 

Warren, RI—The International Marina Institute (IMI), in partnership with IBEX (International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference), is hosting two “super sessions” — a Marina 101 Course and a Marina & Boatyard Study Tour to Tampa, Florida. The Marina 101 Course, September 30, 2018, is immediately followed by the Marina & Boatyard Study Tour, October 1. 
The Marina 101 Course is a four-hour marina industry introduction course targeted at individuals with little or no marina experience, looking to enter the industry by way of a career shift or an interest in purchasing or developing a marina. The course comprises nine presentations, created and presented by Carl F. Wolf, CMM (certified marina manager), CMI (certified marine investigator), and former IMI president. The presentations offer insights into the various aspects of marina operations — from day-to-day and seasonal operations, maintenance, emergency preparedness, long-term planning and financial reports, to the various roles of a marina manager. The course fee is $250 for Association of Marina Industries (AMI) members and $299 for non-members.
The Tampa area Marina and Boatyard Study Tour is a mobile classroom that takes participants on private, exclusive tours of Tampa area marinas and boatyards the day before the official opening of IBEX. A facilitated discussion and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analyses on each property concludes the tour. Marinas to be toured include the Twin Dolphin (Bradenton, FL), Riviera Dunes (Palmetto, FL), Maximo Marina & Boatyard (St. Petersburg, FL), Antigua Cove at Little Harbor Marinas (Ruskin, FL), and Village Marina at Little Harbor Marinas (Ruskin, FL). The tour price includes lunch, transportation from the Tampa Convention Center to and from each of the five marinas, site visits to tour and analyze each marina and boatyard, and a SWOT analysis collaboration at the end of the tour. The course fee is $599 for AMI members and $699 for non-members.
IMI recommends attending the Marina 101 course before the Tampa Area Marina & Boatyard Study Tour to gain enough industry knowledge to walk the docks of the study tour facilities and see things from the perspective of a marina manager. 
To register for one or both “super sessions,” you must register for IBEX. Registration is free, with additional charges for sessions and super sessions. Register at  For questions on these events, please email or call 401-682-7340.