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Association of Marina Industries

50 Water Street

Warren, RI 02885

Phone: (866) 367-6622

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Association of Marina Industries
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Application For Membership

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AMI Membership Dues Structure

     U.S. Marina Facility Members
 Annual dues for U.S. Marina Facility Members are based upon the number of slips (including dry storage) as follows:

  •      $275 for municipal marina facilities
  •      $300 for facilities with 250 and fewer slips
  •      $350 for facilities with 251-500 slips
  •      $410 for facilities with 501-750 slips
  •      $470 for facilities with 751-1,000 slips
  •      $525 for facilities 1,001 or more slips 

Note: Marina chains will pay the actual fee for their largest facility and then $300 for every other facility in the company.

     International Marina Facility Members  $150 per facility, regardless of slip size

     Suppliers of Products and Services Members $550
     Non-Voting Members

     Marina Related Individuals $385

     Associate Members (Non-Profit, Government, & Educational Facilities) $275

     Student Members (Active)  $75

** Please note the AMI membership furns from April 1 - March 31**