MYMIC Risk Management Training

AMI, MYMIC Training Technologies, and USI are proud partners in delivering an online course — offered in both English and Spanish — to help marinas’ new and seasonal employees better understand marina operations to improve customer service and reduce risk.

MYMIC’s Marina Safety Awareness Training was developed with the goal of reducing accidents and injuries among marina personnel. The training tool leverages the benefits of game based training by allowing trainees to interact with a virtual marina where they identify and learn about areas of a marina that can be hazardous. MYMIC is proud to announce our newest application of Computer Based Training.  Our new Learning Management System (LMS) or online classroom gives your employees the opportunity to catch up on training from anywhere.  All the employee will need is a smart phone, personal tablet, or computer with internet connection and they will have access to your company’s specific LMS content with their username and password.  So when hiring a seasonal employee, before they step foot on the property, they will have a basic understanding of the inner workings of the marina.  Our platform gives the employer the opportunity, as an administrator, to check the progression of all employees.  Progression through the in-depth training modules will be recorded and documented so the employer will have the capability to see which employee excels or lacks in training comprehension.

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This training can be used to meet CMM/CMO annual CEU requirements