Organizational chart

The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) is a member-driven association guided by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are responsible for the management and control of the business of the Association and for the determination of its policies and programs.

The Board of Directors are elected at the first annual meeting of the members. The Board of Directors are comprised of six board members who will serve three years, five who will serve two years, and five who will serve a one-year term.

The elected officers of the association are:                       

Chairman John Swick, CMM
Vice Chair Rick Chapman, CMM
Secretary Kevin Thompson
Treasurer Marieke van Peer, CMM

The elected executive officers of the Association shall serve for a one-year term and may be elected for only three concurrent terms.

The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) is made up of four departments:

U.S. Legislative - This department’s primary focus is to maintain current partnerships and to advance legislative and regulatory work.

The Association of Marina Industries Training Institute -  The purpose of this department is to develop and deliver content, programs, schools, and certification both nationally and internationally.

Membership Relations & Communication - This department is responsible for the management and growth of the membership. In addition, this department deliveries all AMI benefits to its membership.

Conference & Expo - This is AMI’s annual conference.

Day to day operations of AMI are directed by its executive staff: Mark Amaral

Each department is supported with assigned staff:

U.S. Legislative
Eric Kretsch, US Legislative & Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 2023509623

AMI Training Institute 
Merritt Alves, Training Coordinator
Phone: 4012470314

AMI Membership
Merritt Alves, Membership Coordinator
Phone: 8663676622

Conference & Expo
Kayce Florio, Conference Coordinator
Phone: 4016827340

Michelle Umberger, Marketing Manager
Phone: 4012374188

Kim Kaine
Phone: 4016827192