PIANC, also know as the World Association for Waterborne Infrastructure, is a forum where professionals around the world join forces to provide expert advice on cost-effective, reliable and sustainable infrastructures to facilitate the growth of waterborne transport. AMI in Spring 2017, signed an MOU with the USA chapter to support mutually beneficial programs and efforts. PIANC RECCOM was established to focus on recreational, leisure, sport, and tourism navigation, to develop facilities for this kind of navigation, and to facilitate its integration with other types of navigation.


Marina Excelence Design "Jack Nichol" Award (MEDA) open until November 20, 2017

PIANC-RecCom and ICOMIA-IMG invite owners, operators and designers to submit marina projects that deserve recognition in the following criteria: Functionality, Aesthetics, Environmental Sustainability.

Attend SMART-Rivers 2017
The PIANC-SMART Rivers Conference is a biennial international forum bringing together those involved in river transport to benchmark best practices for inland waterways around the world, and to better integrate inland waterborne transport into the global supply chain.