Project Management Workshop (for engineers and marina managers)

PLANNING A MARINA IS LIKE PLANNING A WEDDING – Strategies For Successful Project Management
Tuesday, February 1, 2022 from 8:00 am - 11:00 am 

Presented by Jack Cox- Edgewater Resources, Greg Weykamp- Edgewater Resources, John Matheson- F|3 Marinas, Mark Pirrello- Moffatt & Nichol, & Steve Ryder- Bellingham Marine

Pricing (AMI Conference & Expo registration is not required to attend this course):
Design Course Only - $299 (Member & Non-Member rate)
Design Course & AMI Conference - $599 (member) Save $99!
Design Course & AMI Conference - $699 (non-member) Save $99!

The process of bringing the vision for a marina, or a marina rehab, from concept to completion might well be compared to the intricacies of planning a wedding.  You have the venue to choose, the setting, the theme, the colors, the size, the guest list, the food, the entertainment, the parking, and the execution!  Whether it is the wedding, or the plan for a major marina development, it is complicated with a lot of moving parts that need to weave together in both time and space. This training course will take you through the project management steps to take your marina dream from vision to the reality – from the marriage proposal to walking down the aisle!

Course content to include:

  1. Creating/Defining the vision – What is the end objective both physically and financially
  2. Understanding the Opportunities and Constraints  - Translating the vision to reflect the market place  
  3. Developing the Basis for Design  - formulating how to develop the design specific to the setting
  4. Getting the project permitted – addressing and resolving the challenges to the vision
  5. Detailing the product – how to create good specifications and understand the constructability of the design
  6. Organizing and Managing the Work – working out phasing and scheduling of the work based on cash flow, resolving conflicting/overlapping details, and determining the critical path given the precedence of needs

The course will be relevant to both the design engineer in that specific guidance will be taught on how to acquire, analyze, assemble, and administer a proper construction design document, and to the operator to learn what to expect in a properly construction document and the implications on cost, schedule, and ultimate quality. The operator will learn the cost of risk in the design while the engineer will be shown proper ways to approach value engineering of a design. Continuing Education credits will be provided.