Product Demos

All demos take place in booth 509 in the exhibit Hall

Marina Life Demo - January 31, 2023, 1:00 pm -1:15 pm

Managing a marina's day-to-day operations is challenging. And with the new digital wave, this generation of boaters want to be able to communicate easily, request services digitally, and make payments online.Marinalife Manager gives marinas the opportunity to streamline their operations by combining key systems into one simple, seamless solution that increases efficiency and revenue.By using one tool to manage and organize facility information, customer details, communication, and financial data, you are able to reduce mundane and redundant tasks and spend more time interacting with boaters and less time in the office. And because our software is cloud-based it is easily accessible from any device, anywhere.Plus, boaters love the self-service online portal where they can easily request services, make secure payments, and manage their account.Join us at AMI on January 31st at 1:00 PM EST for a demo of Marinalife Manager and learn how you can take the complexity out of marina operations for your team and customers.

Poralu Marine Demo - February 1, 2023, 12:15 pm - 12:30 pm

Poralu Marine's story starts in 1984 as one of the world's oldest marina manufacturers. 
Plastic pollution was an unusual sight when we built our first marinas in the eighties. We witnessed its exponential growth and devastating impact on aquatic life throughout our history. 
Because we must "stop wondering, and start cleaning", we launched The Searial Cleaners in 2021:
     - Collec’Thor: second generation trash skimmer. 
     - Pixie Drone: aquatic trash capture drone (remote controlled or autonomous). 
     - InvisiBubble: multi-use bubble curtain: contain and deflect submerged and floating trash towards Collec’Thor and prevent       eutrophication and sedimentation. 
     - BeBot: ecological beach cleaning robot. 
The Searial Cleaners have two missions: 
1) Clean thoroughly: macro & micro trash (> 3 mm (0.12’’) and surface oils. 
2) Help raise awareness of the plastic pollution crisis: 
Our partners are offered to engage against aquatic pollution by joining global networks: 
- #Iamasearialcleaner: capture trash upstream before it escapes in the oceans, lakes, and rivers. 
- International Trash Trap Network (Ocean Conservancy): Collect data with Clean Swell (waste characterization app). Data are crucial to inform/educate people, businesses, and policy makers. 
- Blue Flag: World’s most renowned eco-certification for marinas and beaches. 
Our global network regroups partners with very different profiles but a common goal, use cutting-edge technologies to address the plastic pollution crisis: waterfront properties, beachfront properties, industry associations, governments, nonprofits, universities, brands, local communities etc.