Boat US Hurricane Sandy Webinar

AMI and BoatUS 3-part Webinar Series - Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy  

The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) and the Boat Owners Association of  The United States (BoatUS)  teamed up to offer a series of three online webinars for marine facility operators and others interested in learning about how to secure boats to avoid damage in future storms.

Much of the information included in the webinars came from the industry-leading BoatUS Catastrophe (CAT) Team, which has over three decades of storm salvage and claims experience, and faced its biggest challenge ever with Hurricane Sandy. The team, which hit the ground running just one day after the storm made landfall, was the largest ever assembled in the Association's history and worked in seven states recovering hundreds of boats.

You can order the pre-recorded webinars to view anytime.  Order one or order all three.  Once your order is completed you will receive directions on how to access the webinars. 

(1) Sandy overview and what we have learned
Why was this storm so destructive? What kind of damage did it do to boats and infrastructure and why?  Why did some marinas survive and what can we learn from them?  How can marinas assess their risks and, in particular, determine how much storm surge they are likely to encounter in a serious storm?  What resources exist to assist marina owners in the process of rebuilding or thinking about rebuilding to minimize their risks?

(2) Securing boats on land
What can the CAT Team hurricane experience teach marina owners and operators about securing boats on land, either on the hard or in boatels or other structures?  What techniques have worked to keep boats in place in wind and surge events?

(3) Securing boats in the water
What can the CAT Team hurricane experience tech marina owners and operators about securing boats in the water, either on docks or moorings?  How can marinas determine to what standards to build with respect to surge protection?  What have we learned about best practices with respect to mooring technology, not how the mooring is secured to the bottom but the entire system including the mooring pennant?

Webinar Fees:         $15 each for AMI Members
                                $30 each or bundle and save! $75 for all 3 webinars for Non-Members