IMM Highlights

The Intermediate Marina Management Course has been designed with the right balance of relevant management topics presented by leaders in their industry coupled with valuable facilitated group discussions to create the ideal setting for learning. The intensive participatory nature of this residency course will also provide one of the greatest assets, an invaluable life-long peer network.  The agenda has been designed to provide guidance on the issues affecting the industry today and to sharpen leadership skills to ensure successful management of these issues.  


  • New ways of dealing with the issues and challenges common throughout the industry
  • Full contract review to provide proper contract language to significantly reduce risk of liability to your facility
  • Use of the Predictive Index to help students identify their management strengths and weakness and create a balanced team
  • Best practices for retruiting, retaining, and managing your team
  • Master planning and permitting
  • Exposure to OSHA and Environmental regulations that are industry-centric and critical in protecting your facility from crippling fines and your staff from life-altering injury
  • Direction on marketing and branding your facility and how to use social media to self-promote
  • A lifelong invaluable network of industry-leading peers
  • New perspective and fresh approach to management and leadership that will benefit a facility in its entirety
  • Invaluable tools for success

  •  Over 40 contact hours
  •  Formal lectures by leading experts
  •  Facilitated roundtable discussions
  •  Field trip to inspect and critique nearby marinas
  •  Marina/boatyard-industry networking
  •  Networking with peers & colleagues
  •  Introduction to the CMM and CMO Certification Program

Dennis Nixon, Steve Chandler, Kellie Thornell-Crete, Jim Frye, CMM, Tim Mason, Shirley Adams  

For more information send email to: or call (401) 247-0314.