US Federal Issues

Here you can find AMI's positions on legislative issues important to the marina and boatyard industry. Along with positions you can find resources to learn more about the issues. If you would like to comment on any issue below, please reach out to Eric Kretsch at

In 2018, AMI seeks to:

1. Maintain and increase boating safety through required boater education

Every person operating a vessel should participate in mandatory education in the operation of a vessel; education requirements in one state should be recognized in other states, so that boat rental from state to state is streamlined.

2. Support policies that promote maritime career and technical education

AMI supports programs aimed at recruiting and educating the future workforce of the marine recreation industry, the federal government should support these programs as well. 


3. Maintain a robust marine transportation infrastructure and boating access

The US transportation infrastructure network does not just include road and rail. The federal government should maintain and invest in blue infrastructure, including small ports and harbors, shallow draft channels, the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW), and Great Lakes. 

4. Support marina industry involved updates to the National Electric Code (NFPA 70)

Customer, worker, and public safety is paramount at marina facilities; however, standards set in the National Electric Code need to be developed with industry help, so they are realistic to implement.


5. Support standards that keep marina/boatyard workers safe, focusing on Education

Worker safety is important to marina operations, regulations should incorporate marina operations to reduce the cost of compliance and focus on worker education. Marinas and boatyards should be regulated separately from shipyards.