USI Insurance Services - Marine Insurance Program

Marine Insurance Program – This program, administered by USI Insurance Services, Inc. (formerly Wells Fargo Insurance Services) offers reliable, comprehensive marina insurance coverage specifically for marina operators and owners.
USI Insurance Services is more then just providing you with top-shelf insurance coverage and quality service.   Although our insurance policies are some of the strongest, best-valued in the industry, our real strength is our dedicated Risk Control and Claims Management staff with innovative solutions that drive sustainable reductions in your total “Cost of Risk”. Our experienced team implements systems that make you more attractive to the marketplace.
How do we do this?
Our system-driven approach ensures that clients have all of the necessary elements in place to control risk in both a pre-loss and post-loss capacity.
Our team creates success through solutions by tailoring our systems to fit your exposure. We research your business and priorities to develop practical solutions to fit your needs.
Building on existing strengths, we will develop, enhance, or implement systems that will ultimately drive a sustained reduction in the Total Cost of Risk.
USI Insurance Services offers a broad range of consulting services to impact your business. Based on the Service Plan, any of the following elements may be included:

  • Risk Assessment/Hazard Analyzes
  • Written Safety Programs
  • Ergonomics Assessments
  • Loss Analyzes/Charts
  • Property Risk Assessments
  • Transitional Duty/Return to Work Assessments
  • Business Contingency Planning
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Safety Training
  • Claims Management Strategies
  • Fleet Safety
  • Public Liability & Property Loss Prevention
Each of these objectives can translate to a meaningful competitive advantage in the marketplace.