Your Virtual Booth

The Cost of a virtual booth is $1,000. To participate in the Conference & Expo or for general questions please contact Ray Clark, AMI Conference & Expo Sales Coordinator at (401) 247-4922 or

AMI has partnered with SpotMe, a premier online event platform, to provide a fully-integrated Conference & Expo platform. For the last two decades SpotMe has been the leading technology and service provider of enterprise engagement platforms for over 5 million users.  Their technology focuses on live events, virtual and hybrid meetings, virtual exhibit halls and long-term engagement. It provides enterprise solutions that include apps, platforms, and support services.

How does this virtual event work? Check out this video!

Why SpotMe:

  • Integration of the entire event, keeping everyone contained within one platform for training, social events, exhibit hall access and pre-conference events.
  • Data collection of all conference participants tracking who they are and where they have visited throughout the platform.  This data will be downloaded into excel and shared with all conference partners at the close of the event scheduled for March 31.  The data you will receive will not only provide visibility into who has visited your booth, but you will see who has visited other booths as well.
  • Dynamic search function within platform.
  • Live chat options between exhibitors and attendees using push notifications through the app on your mobile devices. This means no waiting around for your leads. This option allows exhibitors to conduct other business and not miss important communications and possible leads.
  • The ability for an exhibitor to set up their virtual booth using their organization’s unique branding and graphics and inclusion of videos, pictures, pdfs or other digital marketing materials
  • Ability to self-promote using the conference newsfeed
  • Extensive search features for locating products, services, companies, people
  • Exhibitors will have access to all virtual sessions in real time or can view all sessions on-demand at any time after the session has concluded
  • Entire event can be accessed through a web application or an event app for mobile convenience
  • Platform access will remain open for 3 months so attendees can continue to visit the virtual booths and view on-demand recorded sessions

How does a virtual booth work and what value will I see?
  1. You get more leads – having a virtual booth means not only a presence but skin in the game. A booth is the glue that holds the pre, during and post-marketing together. It puts your brand in plain view of the attendee.
  2. Virtual means 24/7 – going down the virtual route means you have a long-lasting presence. Where in-person is a moment in time, virtual can be longer.
  3. Virtual is less expensive – choosing to invest in a booth virtually is likely to be a less costly effort. So less spent and more back… sounds great. Plus you probably already planned to spend some money on exhibiting anyway
  4. Chance to connect – usually a booth will include a live chat or even live demo. Making it easy for attendees to ask questions. Plus there is something less scary about virtual than in-person.
  5. Virtual means a larger audience – one of the main benefits of going virtual is reach. More people can attend. Which means more virtual traffic for your booth.
How will attendees get the virtual booth?
Attendees will reach your booth by clicking through the Exhibit Hall graphic on the event the landing page or by using the menu that will be available on the left- hand side of the page.  See below for an example of the landing page. All Sponsor logos will appear in this landing page.

How do the booths look and function?
Attendees will access your booth by viewing the list provided or by using the event search function to find products, services, company names, contact names, etc. 

Once they click through to your virtual booth this is an example of what they will see.  You can include videos, pictures, brochures and any other digital marketing pieces.

Receive a push notification to your mobile device that someone would like to reach you.  Accept push notification and connect!

What type of data will I receive when the conference platform closes?
All conference data will be downloaded into excel and shared with conference exhibitors. You will have access not only to attendees who land on your booth, but see where all attendees have gone and for how long? It will look like this: