AMI Partners with MMTA To Grow Maine’s Clean Marina Program

Contact: Wendy Larimer
Association of Marina Industries
AMI Partners with MMTA To Grow Maine’s Clean Marina Program
The Maine Marine Trades Association (MMTA) has signed an MOU with the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) for the development of a Maine Clean Marina program. Under the terms of the agreement, AMI will provide its Certified Clean and Resilient Marina Professional training to MMTA’s membership, including a focus on both federal and state-based environmental regulatory requirements and recommendations.

Upon completion, graduates of the training can self-certify their marinas as Maine Clean Marinas through AMI’s Clean and Resilient Marina accreditation program. Marinas that complete a checklist and show proof of compliance with federal and state environmental regulations and best management practices will become Maine Clean and Resilient Marinas for a term of 3 years.

AMI began its Clean and Resilient Marina program two years ago to train marina managers and staff on best management practices and requirements to operate environmentally sound facilities, and working in tandem with state clean marina programs, accredit their marinas as clean. In addition, the program provides marinas in states without a clean marina program a means to earn a clean marina designation.

Rick Chapman, AMI Chairman commented, “We’re happy to see Maine Marine Trades partner with AMI to help marinas become more environmentally sound and earn recognition for their efforts. Our industry has come a long way in embracing green and AMI is excited to help build a future of environmentally conscious marina teams.”