The International Marina Institute (IMI) was founded in 1986 by Neil Ross, Paul Dodson, and Dennis Nixon out of a deeply rooted concern over the lack of professional training opportunities in the marina industry. IMI was created because of the recognition of the need to promote professional education, training, and certification in the marina industry.  In its 30 plus year history, IMI has successfully created and delivered many professional marina management schools, including the Advanced Marina Management (AMM) and Intermediate Marina Management (IMM).  Through its timely educational seminars and classes, the training association relentlessly prepared the industry to meet the complex technical and topical challenges of the day.  The curricula of these courses have been tweaked over the years to stay current with the changing times,  but they continue to be the training standard by which marina management courses are delivered globally.

The natural progression for any professional training organization is the creation of a professional certification to recognize those who meet a set of professional standards.  In 1992, a group of marina managers, who had completed IMI's rigorous training courses, met to develop a marina management professional recognition, the Certification Marina Manager (CMM) certificate.  Today over 341 marina managers have been awarded this highly coveted certificate and the numbers keep growing, as does the training and certification programs themselves.

As the industry has evolved over the last 30 years, so has IMI.  In 2009, IMI created a new certification program, the Certified Marina Operator (CMO) certificate. This is an exciting time for IMI as it heads into the next 25 years, with a renewed vision and strategic direction for growing its reach to the industry, with a concerted focus on delivering its training and certification programs to the US, Latin American, Canadian and Caribbean regions.  The ever-changing world of technology has provided IMI the opportunity to deliver training in a whole new way.  The next generation IMI will deliver webinars, online training programs, and partner with regional Marine trade associations to grow the reach of its valuable training offerings, with the ultimate goal of providing professional marina training to all who seek it.

IMI has  created an advisory committee to assist AMI staff with successfully completing its strategic mission.  This committee oversees such areas as the certification programs, new training opportunities, marketing, and most importantly seeing that IMI continues to be relevant and serve the training and professional needs of marina industry.

IMI Advisory Committee Members
Gary Groenwold, CMM  Westrec Marinas, FL
Brad Gross, CMM, Dana Point, CA
Ronaldo Souza, CMM Westrec, Brazil
Joe Riley, CMM Riley Marine Group, Lakeland, MN
Austin Cameron, VIP Marina on Lake Travis
Bill Young, Morningstar Properties, Matthews, NC
Michael Short, CMM False Creek Fuels, Richmond BC
Sal Gugliara, CMM City of New Rochelle Municipal Marina, New Rochelle, NY
Marieke van Peer, CMM Seahaven Superyacht Marina, Dania Beach, Fl
Steve Linton, CMM Pikes Bay Marina, Bayfield, WI
Ted Schiafone, CMM City of Oceanside, Oceanside, CA
Giuseppe Alvarado, Shilshole Bay Marina, Seattle, WA