AMI Rebrands All Divisions to Fall Under One Name and Logo

January 22, 2020

International Marina & Boatyard Conference and International Marina Institute will now be AMI Conference & Expo and AMI Training Institute, respectively
Warren, RI-The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) has announced a new branding strategy that consolidates its different divisions such as the International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC) and the International Marina Institute (IMI), under one master brand. Effective immediately, IMBC will be known as the AMI Conference & Expo while IMI will be referred to as AMI Training Institute. This is to clarify the look and name of its divisions, link them overtly with the association, and present a unified logo, tagline and style.

AMI was formed in 2005 by a merger between the Marina Operators Association of America (MOAA) and the International Marina Institute (IMI). As part of the merger, the two organizations combined brands, leaving the newly formed AMI with a complex structure of multiple division, often referred to by their initials, e.g., IMBC and IMI. "The unintended result was an alphabet soup of sub-brands, leading to brand dilution and industry confusion," says Chris Petty, AMI Chair. "IMI and IMBC under one umbrella brand simplifies our marketing and our messaging."

The new logo builds off the traditional blue-and-white wave AMI has been using. It spells out the full name of the association, as preferred by AMI members. "The design is bold and dynamic-and works well for both traditional and digital marketing. It successfully preserves the heritage of the current wave logo, but with a more modern twist," Petty says.

The tagline for AMI will also be changed from "The Voice of the Marina Industries," to "Educating and Connecting Marina Professionals." While AMI's advocacy efforts remain strong to represent its 1,000-plus membership, including vocal support of the Modern Fish Act and US Coast Guard Authorization Bill, maintaining a voice and watchful eye on the new National Electric Code Standards, active participation to reauthorize the Sportfish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, and an active member of the Our Recreation Roundtable that supported the recognition of the outdoor recreation economy is US government statistics, "A new tagline further reflects the evolution of AMI as more than simply an advocacy group," Petty continues. "We are drawing focus to the networking and training provided by AMI to its members and overall marina industry through its Certified Marina Management program, satellite courses, and its annual conference," Petty says.

The new brand was announced at IMBC last week in Fort Lauderdale and goes into effect immediately.
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AMI-The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) is a nonprofit membership organization that provides management training, education, and information about research, legislation, and environmental issues affecting the marina industry.
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