Marina Association Updates and Expands Professional Training for Managers

The Association of Marina Industries has added new coursework to its internationally recognized management certification programs and will launch a basic-skills track for industry new comers.
Merritt Alves 
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The Association of Marina Industries has added several sessions to its internationally recognized two-step training program to become a Certified Marina Manager (CMM) or Certified Marina Operator (CMO). New course work includes topics such Master Planning & Permitting, Personal Development & Leadership and Retaining your Team. Coursework can be done either virtually or in person.
Marina or Hospitality industry employees with at least two years of experience are eligible to attend
AMI’s Intermediate Management School. Upon completion of the IMM course and with three years of marina management experience employees can then attend the Advanced Marina Management School. Agendas for both the IMM & AMM courses can be found online at Upon completion of the AMM coursework, candidates can then apply for either CMM or CMO accreditation, depending upon experience, position, and size of facility.
CMO certification is intended for owners and operators of smaller marinas or managers at larger facilities with 50 or more slips or more than $500,000 in annual revenues. CMM certification is geared to managers of larger marinas with 100 or more slips or with revenue above $1 million.
Beginning in March, AMI will roll out its all new Basic School for individuals looking to get into marina management or for facility managers and owners with early or limited experience in running waterfront operations. The course consists of the following sessions: Environmental Compliance/Clean Marina Practices; Emergency Management; Marina Systems; Customer Service; Accounting 101; and Step up to Manager. The six-session Basic course will be offered online only and will feature presentations and participatory learning augmented by group activities. Industry professionals who do not have the minimum requirements to immediately take the intermediate or advanced school, successful completion of this course along with one year of marina management experience will serve as a waiver.
AMI, based in Warren, RI, has been providing management training to the marina industry since its founding in 1986. Its certifications are recognized globally and are awarded through its AMI Training Institute. There are currently 492 CMMs and 65 CMOs worldwide.