Become a Clean & Resilient Marina Professional

PRESS RELEASE – May 8, 2023
AMI Clean & Resilient Marina Program 
Eric Kretsch 

Become a Clean & Resilient Marina Professional
Registration is now open for the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) fall Clean & Resilient Marina course to be held September 25-27, at Hyatt Place, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Marina operators and managers will learn from industry experts how to operate eco-friendly and sustainable marinas and ensure compliance with federal environmental regulations. In addition, the 2-day course also provides foundational knowledge for those seeking state-level clean marina certification. Topics taught include – marina siting and design, stormwater management, marina maintenance, facilities, and habitat, vessel maintenance and repair, and more.
Upon completion, attendees will be certified as Clean & Resilient Marina Professionals (CRMP) and will have access to AMI’s online Clean Marina Verification Program that allows CRMPs to self-certify their facilities as clean and resilient.
An agenda for the course can be found here and covers one and a half days of classroom time and activities followed by a marina study tour.  Register now for this opportunity to create a welcoming facility for environmentally-conscious boaters and showcase your environmental stewardship.  
Contact Eric Kretsch, EKretsch@MarinaAssociation.Org, for more information or visit the AMI website.
About Clean & Resilient Marina: Launched in 2022, AMI’s Clean & Resilient Marina program is designed to train marina professionals on best management practices and regulatory requirements for running a clean and resilient marina, while providing an opportunity for graduates of the course to self-certify their facilities as Clean & Resilient through AMI’s Clean Marina Verification Program.

About AMI: The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) is a nonprofit membership organization that provides management training, education, and information about research, legislation, and environmental issues affecting the marina industry.