How to become a CRMP & Verify Your Marina

How to become a Clean and Resilient Marina Professional:

1. Register for one of AMI's Upcoming courses
2. Attend the course in full
3. Begin your Clean and Resilient Marina Plan
4. Receive a Clean and Resilient Marina Professional Certificate 

How to verify your marina:

1. After course completion, AMI will send each professional a facility folder. In this folder, you will place all final facility checklists.
2. Contact your state clean marina program to introduce yourself.
2. Submit a facility application/pledge to AMI; this will notify AMI of your intent to complete a facility checklist.
3. Complete a checklist for each facility application.
4. Submit completed checklist for AMI review; at this point, AMI will review your application with a verification committee.
5. Await AMI Verification Committee approval or denial.
6. Upon approval, you will receive your Clean and Marina Resilient Marina Certificate and packet.
7. Celebrate and promote your marinas achievement.