AMI Verifies 23 Marinas as Clean & Resilient Marinas


AMI Clean & Resilient Marina Program  
Wendy Larimer 

Warren, RI---The Association of Marina Industries is proud to announce the following marinas have met the Association’s standards to be accredited as Clean & Resilient Marinas: 

  • Safe Harbor Aqualand  
  • Crandon Park Marina  
  • Diversified Yacht Services 
  • Eagle Mountain Marina 
  • Green Cove Marina 
  • Harbor One Marina 
  • Haulover Marine Center 
  • Safe Harbors Jamestown Boatyard  
  • Lake Country Marina 
  • MacDougall's Cape Cod Marine Service 
  • Safe Harbors Marina Bay  
  • Matheson Hammock Marina  
  • Bayfront Yacht Works 
  • Ocean Yacht Marina 
  • Safe Harbors Onset Bay 
  • Pleasure Cove Marina 
  • Port of Kimberling Marina 
  • Seahaven Superyacht Marina 
  • Safe Harbors Elliot Kittery Point 
  • Safe Harbors Kittery Point 
  • Safe Harbors Hawthorne Cove 
  • Safe Harbors South Harbour Village 
  • Tidewater Yacht Marina 
“These marinas work hard to protect our waterways and shores, standing out as leaders in environmental protection for our industry. We applaud what they do each day to ensure a bright boating future,” said AMI board chairman, Rick Chapman. 

The managers of each facility participated in a 2-day training event to become certified as Clean & Resilient Marina Professionals. The intensive course taught federal regulatory requirements, best management practices, and green techniques for operating a marina that places minimal impact on its natural surroundings and sets itself up to be resilient as the environment changes. 

Upon receiving the CRMP designation, these professionals became eligible to self-certify their marinas as Clean & Resilient. Self-certification involved a lengthy review of all aspects of the marina facility and operations, submission of copies of federally required permits and plans, and a photo inventory of clean practices. 

AMI’s Clean & Resilient Marina advisory committee reviewed applications and approved accreditation of those who complied with the majority of items on the checklist, including all regulations. 

For more information on upcoming Clean & Resilient Marina Professional training visit Association of Marina Industries (AMI) ( 

For more information on AMI’s Clean & Resilient Marina program visit Association of Marina Industries (AMI) ( 

About AMI Clean and Resilient Marina: The AMI Clean & Resilient Marina program was started in 2022 to fill the gap to certify marinas in states that did not have an existing Clean Marina Program or for those marinas wishing to enhance their clean marina status with both AMI’s and its state’s clean marina certifications. Taking the CRMP training is the first step in the process.