Clean and Resilient Marina Program

AMI launched its clean marina program. To date, we have certified over 80 marina professionals in Clean and Resilient Marina operations and have accredited six marinas as clean and resilient through our program.
The program was launched to provide a way for marinas in states without Clean Marina programs or those looking for added recognition of their clean practices to gain certification. 
Being a certified clean & resilient marina lets your customers, staff, peers, and even regulators know that you run an eco-friendly and sustainable operation and are a true steward of the environment. 
There are some real benefits of being a clean marina:
  • Boaters are attracted to marinas that practice good environmental stewardship and may be willing to pay more to keep their boat at a certified clean marina.
  • The federal Boating Infrastructure Grant Program gives those applying for funding points for being a certified clean marina.
  • Some insurance companies have been known to offer a reduced rate on environmental liability coverage for clean marinas. 
  • Often, potential marina buyers are more likely to consider a certified clean marina.
  • Some states offer clean marinas discounts on submerged land leases.

AMI's program has two parts combined to create a rigorous program focusing on training dedicated marina professionals. The first part is AMI's Clean and Resilient Marina Training Course, and the second is our Clean and Resilient Accreditation Program.

Clean and Resilient Marina Training Course 
The training course is a two and half day course that includes classroom work, activities, and a study tour. At the end of this training, the attendee receives the Clean and Resilient Marina Professional (CRMP) certification from the Association of Marina Industries. To learn how to become a CRMP click here.

Clean and Resilient Marina Accreditation Program
To verify any marinas as clean and resilient through AMI's process, a marina professional must obtain a Clean and Resilient Marina Professional certificate by attending one of AMI's training courses. Click here on how to accredit your marina as clean and resilient.

For information about AMI's program, please contact Eric Kretsch at

Thank you to our 2021 Pilot Program sponsors Safe Harbor Marinas, Suntex Marinas, and MarineMax. 


Caption: Diagram of the certification/verification process.

Caption: A clean marina course in progress