Electrical Webinar Series

Six one hour electrical topics presented by Ed Lether. Ed is a retired electronic technician, designer, consultant, and instructor. His retirement activites include working with the Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association to promote ESD awareness, particularly in the marina environments. Ed assists marinas with ESD investigation and mitigation. Addtionally, Ed helps marina operators and boaters investigate and resolve ground-fault trip issues. Ed has also become involved in the endeavors to ensure that the National Electrical Code writers unerstand the marina and recreational boating environment when adding new requiremnts to the code.

Marinas, Shore Power, Ground Fault Protection, and the NEC

March   - Shore Power & the National Electrical Code
Recreational boaters are encountering a new challenge when putting in at new marinas or marinas that have recently upgraded their electrical distribution systems.  The alternating current shore power, taken for granted for so many years, has suddenly become a challenging, and often unpleasant, issue for many in the boating community.  Circuit breakers on new and upgraded docks are tripping at an annoyingly high rate.  Boaters often focus their displeasure—or worse—on the marina operator.  Interestingly, in almost all cases, the marina is not at fault.  So, what has changed.  This session will address those changes. Questions will be taken.

April     -  Ground-Fault Protection in the Marina; What is it and why is it now required?
Just about everyone is familiar with the GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter).  Just look in the kitchen or the nearest bathroom.  GFCIs where first required by the NEC in 1971 and they are found in many places, including on marina docks.  What's relatively new is the ground-fault protection for equipment (GFPE or just GFP) required for shore power service, first required by the 2011 edition of the NEC.  What is GFP and how does it work?  How is it different from the GFCI?  Does it provide adequate protection for individuals and other creatures in the water nearby?  Is the shore power reliable where GFP is installed?  This session will address these and other questions.

May     -  Why are boaters having problems keeping the power on?

June     -  My power was ok until the boat in the next slip plugged in.

July      -  TBA

August  -  TBA