How to Become A CRM Accredited Marina

Suppose you’re ready to go green and certify your marina as clean & resilient. In that case, the first step is to become a Clean & Resilient Marina Professional through AMI’s Clean & Resilient Marina course. The 2 ½ day program teaches best management practices and compliance with federal environmental regulatory laws, rules, and permits. The certification ensures the professional has the ability to self-certify their marina. 

After completing the course, the new CRMP can utilize AMI's Accreditation Program to accredit their marina as clean and resilient. To do this the professional submits an application with and initial accreditation fee, a checklist, and supporting documents to AMI's Accreditation Committee. Once approved, the marina will be accredited, receive a certificate and flag, and be placed on AMI’s online list of Clean & Resilient Accredited Marinas. Participants will also be equipped to apply for and work towards their state clean marina certification program, further promoting their eco-consciousness..

Fees for becoming and maintaining AMI Clean and Resilient Marina Accreditation:

Initial (one-time) Application Fee: $250 - due at the time of application submission. The initial application fee is $250, which includes additional administrative costs, a mailed certificate, and flag.
Annual Renewal Fee: $100 - invoiced every October