Sold Out Clean and Resilient Marina Professional Training Kicks Off

PRESS RELEASE – June 20, 2023 

AMI Clean & Resilient Marina Program  
Eric Kretsch  
The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) kicked off its Clean and Resilient Marina Professional training course at Moose Landing Marina in Naples, Maine.  

The sold-out, 2-day course, taught by industry experts, educates marina operators and managers on how to operate eco-friendly and sustainable marinas and ensure compliance with federal environmental regulations. In addition, the program also provides foundational knowledge for those seeking state-level clean marina certification. Topics taught include – marina siting and design, stormwater management, marina maintenance, facilities, and habitat, vessel maintenance and repair, and more. 

“Our goal with this training course is to give marina operators the skills needed to be environmental stewards who do their part to keep our waterways and shorelines clean and sustainable,” said John Swick, AMI Chairperson of the Board of the Directors.  

Upon completion, attendees will be certified as Clean & Resilient Marina Professionals (CRMP) and will have access to AMI’s online Clean Marina Verification Program that allows CRMPs to self-certify their facilities as clean and resilient.  

To date, the program has certified 60 CRMPs across the country. The next training course is scheduled for September 25 to 27, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To learn more visit Association of Marina Industries (AMI) ( or contact Eric Kretsch at 202-350-9623.