2022 Wage Rate Report

 2022 Wage Rate Report
The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) and the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association (ABBRA) released this survey in November of 2022 and collected data on benefits, salaried and hourly wages, and hours worked per week.

This year the study includes information on technical positions including marine service manager, marine engine technician, and more. We received 147 responses giving us data on over 1,000 employees at marinas and boatyards nationwide.

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Introduction 1
Participants in this study 3
Participation by region 3
Participation by Facility Type 4
Participation by ownership type 5
Participation by a facilities number of slips 6
In-water slips 6
Participation by Dry Storage slips 6
Participation by metro or non-metro located marinas 7
How to use this survey 8
Employee Category Descriptions 8
Data Descriptions 9
Data Conversions 9
Benefits Offered 10
Results 11
General Manager 11
Manager – Certified Marina or Service Manager Comparison 11
Marina Manager/ Harbormaster 12
Marine Service Manager 12
Dockmaster 13
Yard Manager 13
Forklift Operator 14
Dockhand 14
Yard Hand 15
Engine Technician 15
Marine Electrician 16
Carpenter 16
Composite Technician 16
Rigger 16
Painter/Varnisher 16
Water Tax/ Launch Operator 17