How to Apply for CMM

Before completing your application, please contact amitraining@marinaassociation to receive a link to the online platform where you will upload your application and supporting documentation.  

Yes! I’m ready to become a CMM Candidate because
  • I've successfully completed both the Intermediate Management Course (IMM) and Advanced Marina Management Course (AMM)
  • I have 5 years’ FULL CHARGE marina manager experience according to AMI’s definition (defined below). This means that during these years I have done all of the following:
    • I have managed a marina operation with annual gross operating revenue (from the marina as well as all other related operations) of at least $1,000,000, OR managed a marina business with at least 100 boats in wet slips, moorings and/or dry rack storage slots.
    • I have spent at least 60% of my time in that position on: 1) Financial Planning, 2) Marketing & Customer Relations, and 3) Staff Administration.
    • I have had full-time employment, in which I’ve supervised at least six employees.
    • I can satisfy the Review Committee that my marina management experience passes the 26-point test. This means that I have performed a minimum of 18 of the required management function, out of 26 listed, during each qualifying period of marina management experience.
    • I have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
    • I am a member of the Association of Marina Industries, either as the employee/owner of a Full Member of the association, or as an individual Associate Member.
    • I am an active member of the marine trade association that covers my state, province, or region. If there is none, I can demonstrate active participation in another regional business league or similar organization.
If you checked all of the above items, what’s stopping you? Complete the Application for Candidacy for CMM today!
AMI’s Definition of Full Charge Marina Manager:
  • Ultimate responsibility of entire marina facility is yours 
  • You are at the top of the organizational chart of day to day responsibility of the entire marina

Tools needed for Application Process: