Jim Frye, CMM

Personal Development & Leadership, Financial Benchmarking, & Marina Design & Construction

James L. Frye, CMM is Vice President of Real Estate with Suntex Marinas.
Owning, managing, and investing in an extensive network of the best saltwater and freshwater marinas in the United States, Suntex Marinas brings more than a century of combined experience to its industry leadership, enabling us to exceed our guests’ expectations. www.Suntex.com 

In his role as vice president of real estate, Frye is responsible for managing the marina ground leases across the Suntex portfolio negotiating lease renewals and extensions with federal, state and municipal agencies. 

A 25+ year professional in the marina industry Frye has directly managed or provided oversight for over 30 marinas across the US, including redevelopment, expansion and significant growth of revenue and profitability.
Frye also serves as president emeritus and past chairman of the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) and was for nearly a decade the executive director of the Association. AMI was created by the merger of the International Marina Institute (IMI) and the Marina Operators Association of America, AMI is the national and international trade association of the marina industry and represents a diverse membership of marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, and public/private moorage basins across the United States and worldwide. One can learn more about AMI at www.marinaassociation.org.
In addition to his duties with AMI, Frye served as the Director of the Marinas & Boating Access Department for the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and served on the Board of Directors of NMMA representing AMI
Frye served as president for the American League of Anglers and Boaters (ALAB) a Washington, DC based coalition organized for the reauthorization of the Aquatic Resources, Sport Fishing and Boating Trust Fund. ALAB members include groups like the American Sport Fishing Association, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Boat US, Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society, NMMA, and others. ALAB advises Congress on the spending formula for several federally funded programs that together total nearly $800 million annually.
He is a Certified Marina Manager (CMM), a distinction created by the International Marina Institute and now perpetuated by AMI. Frye has been a frequent contributor/author to industry trade magazines, a speaker and faculty member for marina management training in advocacy, marketing, operations, and business management. He has hosted and acted as master of ceremonies for the annual Association of Marina Industries Conference and Exposition for nearly 20 years. Owned by the AMI, the conference is the largest annual conference and trade show in the marina industry bringing together annually nearly 1000 marina operators, vendors, consultants, and participants in the marina industry.
A native of Quincy, Massachusetts, Frye earned a BS in business and psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Frye makes his home and office in Warrenton, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC.